Prof. Fumio KUSUHARA

Associate Professor
Architecture and Design Field
Department of Architecture, Design, Civil Engineering and Industrial Management Engineering
Nagoya Institute of Technology

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Contact Info.

#423, Building #16
Gokiso-cho, Showa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 466-8555 Japan
kusuhara at (replace ‘at’ with ‘@’)

Research Interest

  • Seismic Engineering
  • Reinfoced Concrete Buildings
  • Prestressed Concrete Buildings
  • Earthquake Resistant Building Design
  • Nonlinear Earthquake Response Analysis


2017.3 –
Associate Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology
2007.4 – 2017.2
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Architecture, School of Eng., The Univ. of Tokyo
2003.6 – 2007.3
Research Associate, Dept. of Architecture, School of Eng., The Univ. of Tokyo
1999.4 – 2003.5
Structural Engineer, Building Design Dept., Tokyo Main Office, TAKENAKA CO.
1998.4 – 1999.3
Osaka Main Office, TAKENAKA CO.
graduated from Dept. of Architecture, Graduate School of Eng., The Univ. of Tokyo(the master’s course)
graduated from Dept. of Architecture, Faculty of Eng.. The Univ. of Tokyo

Qualifications & Licences

  • Dr.Eng., The University of Tokyo, 2016
  • M.Eng., The University of Tokyo, 1998
  • Architects and Building Engineers (Kenchiku-shi), 1st-class, the Ministry of Construction, Japan


  • Encouragement Prize of AIJ 2015
  • Encouraging Prize of JCI Annual Convention in Niigata, Japan Concrete Institute, 2006
  • Encouraging Prize of JCI Annual Convention in Kochi, Japan Concrete Institute, 2004



papers in japanese are here

  • Kusuhara F, Shiohara H.: Tests on Joint-Hinging Mechanism in Prestressed Concrete Moment Resisting Frames, Proceedings of the 11th National Conference in Earthquake Engineering, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA. Paper No. 591, 2018.6
  • Suhee Kim, Fumio Kusuhara, Hitoshi Shiohara: Analysis of RC slab–beam–column sub-assemblages subjected to bidirectional lateral cyclic loading using a new 3D macroelement, Earthq. Eng. Struct. Dyn., 2017
  • Fumio Kusuhara, Hitoshi Shiohara: Experimental Study on Prestressed Concrete Beam-Column Joints which have Column-to-Beam Strength Ratios near 1, Proc. of 16th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Santiago, Chili, Paper No. 2115, 2017.1
  • Fumio Kusuhara, Hitoshi Shiohara: Moment Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Interior Beam-Column Joints Based on a Theory of Flexural Resistance of Joints, Proc. of 10th U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Anchorage, Alaska, USA, Paper ID: 336, 2014.7
  • Fumio Kusuhara, Hitoshi Shiohara: Joint Shear? or Column-to-Beam Strength Ratio?Which is a key parameter for seismic design of RC Beam-column joints – Test Series on Exterior Joints, Proc. of 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal, 2012.9
  • Kusuhara, F., H. Shiohara: Test of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints Retrofitted with Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Strands, Proc. of the 9NCEE, Toronto, Canada, July 25-29, 2010, Paper No.456 (CD-ROM).
  • Kusuhara, F., H. Shiohara: Tests of R/C Beam-Column Joint with Variant Boundary Conditions and Irregular Details on Anchorage of Beam Bars, Proc. of the 14WCEE, Beijing, China, October 12-17, 2008 (CD-ROM).
  • Kusuhara,F and H. Shiohara: New Instrumentation for Damage and Stress in Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint, Proceedings of the 8NCEE, April 18-22, 2006, San Francisco, California, USA, Paper No. 1214 (CD-ROM).
  • Kusuhara, F., K, Azukawa, H. Shiohara, S. Otani: Tests of Reinforced Concrete Interior Beam-Column Joint Subassemblage with Eccentric Beams, Proc. of the 13WCEE, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, August 1-6, 2004, Paper No.185 (CD-ROM).